Our Founder

Harper C. Chambers 

The History of Harper Chambers Lumber Company

Our company founder is Harper C. Chambers.  He was born to Thomas “Square” Chambers and his wife Vivian Chambers in Greene County, Alabama.  “Square” got his nickname because whenever you had dealings with “Square” you always were treated fairly.  ie. a “Square” deal.  “Square” imprinted himself onto young Harper.  

Harper C. Chambers got his start in the lumber business cutting  timber on his family’s farm.  After all the farming chores were complete, Harper and some friends would cut timber and haul the logs to a local sawmill.  The sawmill also had a retail sales division and Harper joined that company and worked there for many years and quickly rose through the ranks to the position of general manager.  But, the sawmill was a family business and when the business passed from one generation to the next Harper didn’t have a place.  Harper resigned from the company.

Now, 35 years old, with four children under the age of 10, Harper didn’t have a job.  But, he was a hard worker and felt he could take the lessons he learned and put them into practice in his own business.  So, with  $2000 he borrowed from his in-laws and the generous support of some local businessmen, Harper and Betty Ann opened Harper Chambers Lumber in March of 1967.  

Harper and Betty Ann oversaw the operation until July of 2000 when they sold the business to their youngest son, Steve.  Now retired, Harper was not one to sit idle.  He returned to his first job as a farmer on his family’s land.  Harper ran a successful cattle and hay operation till his death in 2010.  He is missed every day but he left behind a legacy that still thrives.  

Like his father, Harper always strived to give everyone he dealt with a “Square” deal.  And, Harper imprinted his values of integrity, honesty and compassion to his son Steve.  They are the principles that guide the company to this day.


Steve Chambers

Mission Statement: 

Our goal as a company is to make our customers more profitable.  We strive to achieve this goal by offering a choice of new items and materials that are available in the market today presented by the most efficient and professional staff available.